Useful Tips to Make Your Day Great!


  •  Use your schedule to choose and plan which events you would like to see (to see everything takes more than 1 day)  Multi-day upgrades are available


  •  Allow time to arrive before each event starts


  • Ushers will assist with seating in the Church of All Nations to your best advantage


  • Late entry to live dramas for first 5 minutes ONLY


  • Restless babies or children?  Enjoy the drama on the large screen in our Family Viewing Room 


  • Those unavoidably leaving the auditorium during live presentations will be seated at the back upon return to avoid disruption to other guests


  • Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us to create the best possible atmosphere for ministry at The Holy Land Experience!


  • For more information, please visit our "FAQ's" and "Useful Tips" pages under Groups and Guest Services!

The Holy Land Experience Orlando
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